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Getting Started In Pressure Washing

This section covers some VERY basic issues one commonly faces when getting started with a pressure washing business. What equipment to buy, how to get customers, what to charge and more.

What you need the most... Capital. Cash and / or credit.
Capital is critical when starting any business, and pressure washing is no different. While there are always exceptions to the rule, you generally will need to invest in your equipment, chemicals, forming an LLC, insurance, advertising and more. You can spend anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000 or more setting up your pressure washing business, so it's important to know realistically what kind of money you have to work with.

Your Business Basics - LLC and Insurance
I see far too many service businesses skip both of these and it simply is not advisable. Create an LLC for your business. In most states you can register online and the cost for setting one up is typically less than $250. The next step is to get yourself an insurance liability policy. Hope that you never need to use it, but it shows the industry and your customers that you take your business seriously. You can carry a $1 million dollar liability policy for basic pressure washing work for less than $1200 per year.
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Equipment - The Pressure Washer
Pressure washers can range from a couple hundred bucks to $20,000 and more so which do you choose? There's lots of varying opinions about this but luckily neither method means guaranteed success nor failure. You can do great work with a lower end residential unit from Home Depot if that's all your budget permits, just know that it probably won't last as long and will probably take longer to complete a job. If your only option is to go with the most affordable unit you can find then so be it, otherwise I would advise that you look into making a reasonable investment in your unit.
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Other Equipment You Will Need
In addition to the pressure washer (and many come with some of these accessories) you will also need the following things. Some of these items are more critical than others.

  • Truck or Van - Something to carry your equipment and I don't advise showing up to a job site in a Civic.
  • Water Hoses - Good grade low pressure water hoses.
  • High Pressure Hoses - It's nice to have at least 50 feet even with a portable unit.
  • Tips - 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 25 Degree, 40 Degree and a Chemical Tip.
  • Turbo Nozzle - A great concrete cleaning must-have but keep it away from wood.
  • Surface cleaner - Comes in several sizes and a couple of styles.
  • X-Jet - A must have for anyone washing houses or other buildings.
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Chemicals and Soaps
What you are cleaning determines what chemicals you should use, but there are many great things on the market. For standard residential services three cleaners you should keep handy are a house wash, gutter cleaner and concrete cleaner. Jobs like new construction cleanup, commercial building restoration, graffitti removal and deck restorations are going to each require specialized chemicals which are discussed in great detail.

Practice and Experience
If you have experience in pressure washing just not owning your own business then this probably does not apply to you. If you are new to pressure washing try to clean as many things around your home or as free services to gain experience.

Professional Training
One of the best investments you can make in your new pressure washing business is with a professional training course. A good training course will not only show you how to operate your pressure washing equipment, but will also have many tips on how to market and promote your business.

PressureNet recommends Power Wash Industries "Two Day Bootcamp". Please take a moment to check out the agenda:  PowerWash Industries

Advertising and Marketing
Depending on your area, there should be all sorts of advertising options for you. The lowest of all budgets is worth of mouth and direct sales. If you no money to advertise then visit some neighbors and offer your services. Create flyers to pass around, mail postcards, advertise in home owners associations newsletters, real estate publications, yellow pages, etc.

Advertising and Marketing with a Website
A website is a requirement for any service business and the Pressure Washing business is no exception. Many potential customers use the internet as their primary source for finding businesses. Even when a customer finds you from your other advertising methods, a website dedicated to your pressure washing business adds a level of professionalism that people have come to expect.

There are many methods to create and deploy websites available to you. You may have a family member who is familiar with web development that may be able to get you started. A search of the internet will also help you locate several businesses that can assist you. Like most things in the Pressure Washing business, you will find a wide range of prices to launch your website. PressureNet offers website templates and hosting that get you up and running quickly. You simply choose one of our many templates, add information about the pressure washing services you provide and you are up and running. We help you every step of the way. Check out PressureNet templates and hosting services here:

PressureNet Websites

Whatever service you decide to use for your website, remember to get your domain name prominently displayed on all of your business cards, invoices and other paperwork. It is an easy way to show people how to learn more about your business.

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